How Holiday Packages in South Africa Improve Your Vacation

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Holiday packages to South Africa are a perfect choice for the first-time visitor, or for those who just want to take the guesswork and minor details out of the equation. Not only do these packages ensure that you get the full experience of your African vacation, but they can also provide benefits you might not be thinking about.

While Africa is a beautiful place, it is also important to show the proper respect for locals and the animals that inhabit its forest, jungles, and plains. Choosing a reputable guided tour will keep you from accidentally wandering into a place you may not be invited, allow you to see and experience local culture which may not be on commercial maps, and ensure your safety by letting you know just how close you can get to the animals before they decide you’re invading their personal space.

Holiday packages to South Africa will give you access to top quality resorts, tours, meals, and guidance from a trusted group of experienced African explorers—even during peak travel season. Choose a reputable, all-inclusive tour group and begin your South African adventure today.
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Choosing Holiday Packages in South Africa

When deciding to make the plunge into an amazing adventure like a trip to Africa, there are a number of things you can do to make your trip a success.

1. Select only reputable tour companies – For a list of accreditation in Canada, you can visit the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, or in America the Department of Agriculture (as a Seller of Travel). Also be sure to investigate the ratings of any company with the Better Business Bureau.

2. Choose an all-inclusive tour – Expenses, especially those in a foreign country with exchange rates you may not be familiar with, can put a damper on an otherwise amazing trip. Book a fully-inclusive vacation and let the agency do all the work.

3. Remember to Consider Extra Expenses – While nearly everything is included in holiday packages to South Africa, incidentals like alcohol, tips, and souvenirs are still out-of-pocket expenses.

4. Turn off "Roaming” on your phone – The cost of data downloads in Africa is prohibitively expensive. Try only using Wi-Fi during your trip or keeping phone calls and web browsing to a minimum.


Follow these few tips and you’ll soon be making memories that will last a lifetime!

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